How to allow micropayments on my site or mobile app?

In 2017, an estimated third of Africans own a bank account. The low income of populations, the lack of infrastructures in some areas and the reliance on cash stifle the growth of this number. On the other hand, Africa is one of the most vigorous telecom markets. Mobile payment fits nicely the local needs and practices. Countries in the Middle East take do also profit from these techniques.
One of the ways to pay on mobile is the electronic currency (mobile money), a field where Sub-Saharan Africa, according to the GSM Association, pioneers with a record penetration rate (see « How to use mobile money services as a payment method? »).
This solution may not suit every single situation or application. Indeed, to handle online exchanges of very small sums (micropayments), you can allow your customer to use a solution that requires neither a bank car nor a mobile money account: Pay with Orange Bill.

Only one prerequisite on the customer side: the SIM card
Orange offers the Pay with Orange Bill service (technically, an API). It allows you to include Orange SIM card owners without a credit card into your customer base. Thus you can accept payments from all Orange customers in the countries of Africa and the Middle East where the service is active.

How much does it cost?
Orange provides for free the setup of the service and the assistance. Pay with Orange Bill is entirely based on the revenue share business model. Your customers pay their service with their Orange airtime credit, with no need for a credit card. Once the payment is received, the revenue is shared according to the specific deal agreed upon by contract.

How do I integrate Pay with Orange Bill to my site or application?
Your in-home developer should visit the Orange Developer platform and get in touch with the partner team dedicated to the region where you deploy your service. This partner supports you from the signature of the contract to the integration of the solution, then provides you all necessary assistance once the service gets live.

I set up billing of my service or product through airtime credit.