DUCO - Empowering Urban Appeal

Hassan Ismail

Country of deployment




What problem does your business address?

Among social, cultural and urban contexts Egypt suffers from inadequate design-build quality standards reflecting upon the built environment and general public impacting our national brand and image.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

We encourage art and craftsmanship besides empowering urban appeal through managing and facilitating the production of murals while developing job opportunities for the creative workforce.

DUCO is a creative agency, production house and future platform dedicated to urban art and outdoor hand-painted wallscapes powered by a commercial approach while maintaining the mission of contributing towards an urban aesthetical development. Since 2011 the idea has been initiated and developed throughout DUCO official establishment in 2017 targeting any outdoor surfaces with a potential for visual transformation whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes all being hand-painted as one of our core values reflecting the social enterprise culture by creating new markets and providing opportunities for the local creative workforce besides encouraging craftsmanship. We work towards community enrichment and place making through improving street visuals as a means of inspiration as well as creating value by exposure, interaction, understanding and appreciation of high artistic quality with an objective to enhance the design-build quality standards, connect art with people and stimulate the alternative tourism scenes alongside the urban subcultures.

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