Art Works (art and training)

Hassan Al Anani

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What problem does your business address?

Jordan has about 800,000 women with financial problems. Women suffer the most from lack of education, poverty and basic life skills It also suffers from a high percentage of unemployed youth and children who waste long useless time

What solution do you bring to this issue?

Artworks aim at empowering women economically and socially, in order to promote their families and protect them from poverty. Helps young people through training also contribute to promoting creative thinking & innovation in children

Art Works Includes three stages. And our slogan “I am a human, I am qualified & capable” – Stage1: Formation and manual sculpture (production and sale): Forming and sculpture of figures, toys and dolls that resemble the real person, producing art pieces such as home decoration, traditional jewelry and other handicrafts. – Stage 2,Training: we provide the paid training & unpaid training, Paid Training: serves the community groups that are able to pay the value of the training entitlements, we focus on youth and children. Our Goals: Raising the level of thought, performance and imagination among the groups affiliated with the program. Unpaid Training: At this stage, we target women with low economic status in the poor and low-income areas of Jordanian society. Where we aspire to economically empower those women to increase household income and enhance productive capacity. Our Goals: Attract as many women as possible from the above. Providing technical vocational training for handicrafts that enable them to open production lines, to open the horizons of entry into the local market and export to international markets. To enable women to support their families in full or in part. In addition to stopping child labor and helping them to have a better education. – Stage3, Art café: (still under study)

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