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Electrical energy is a precious and vital resource for the development of the economic, political and social life of our planet. However, because of the high cost of production and the scarcity of raw materials, it is necessary to regulate electricity consumption to ensure the durability of raw materials for future generations. This implies limiting the wastage of electricity, as energy savings remain a key issue today, to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, as required by the twelfth Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations. Moreover, energy wastage in a given network by priority users makes this resource scarce for less privileged users in the same network and result in power interruptions in such zones. The only solution to this increasing energy wastage is the possibility to balance the energy we consume to the energy we need. For this, we developed the product CLEVERHOME, which allows us to follow the energy we consume from a smartphone and adjust our consumption to our real needs but also, save money by spending less on electricity bills. CLEVERHOME is an electronic tool installed in the user’s building and a mobile application that allows the user to control and monitor the parameters of his installation wherever he is. It has two main functionalities namely, a home automation feature and an intelligent energy management functionality. The user can: • Control his electrical installations everywhere, and know at all times when they are off or on; • Set a time at which his equipment will be switched off ; • Be notified when any lights are on at specific times of the day. If nothing is done after 2 mins, the light is automatically turned off; • Define a budget for energy consumption and thus monitor the evolution of their consumption at the FCFA and kWh each day • Consult his consumption history for the ongoing year and make appropriate adjustments

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