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PassIn is a Cloud SaaS Service helping companies optimize its most important resource – employees! Our goal is to empower employees to have visibility and transparency about their own attendance while at the same time providing invaluable real-time insights to the employer about their company, team and employees attendance. It helps companies fairly and easily work towards a more productive and efficient use of the working day through its WiFi and GPS Geofencing technology. Available on iOS and Android, it can be downloaded and used on smartphones and tablets. The app allows the user to: • Accurately monitor the attendance using WiFi and Geofencing • Sign in and out automatically using their smartphones • Manually schedule meetings • Notify the team when working from Home • Receive push notifications from the dashboard • Integrates with Slack The company administrator has access to a Company Dashboard which allows the company to have full visibility on attendance to view real-time presence, analyse attendance logs, and show trends in attendance on a company, team or individual basis.

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