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Liberian students and jobseekers lack access to education and skills training in both academic and vocational subjects. Only 35% of school-aged children attend school of any sort, and estimates of illiteracy rates range from 40 to 75%. Even for students who do manage to complete their educations, jobs are hard to come by. Although the youth unemployment rate is stated as 4.5%, there are high levels of underemployment and most youth work in the informal sector (World Bank 2013). Given the illiteracy rates and lack of jobs for school graduates, we propose to create a vocational training program, focusing on carpentry, graphic design, electrical projects, Tie Die shirt creation, horticulture, tailoring, and computer skills, run by trained facilitators. We will begin with two classrooms in the Singkor area of Monrovia in classroom facilities already available. After expansion, we will train former students as facilitators for new cohorts, which will increase the scale of the initial project.

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