Studacad E-Learning Platform

Karabo Matenge

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Studacad is an e-learning platform available on both web and app geared at bridging the gap between school content delivery in the classroom and student information retention. With the help of many web applications, many businesses and social fields have benefited and the education industry is no exception. Many institutions internationally have incorporated the use of e-learning because it can be as effective as traditional training at a lower cost. Studacad aims to bring Botswana and ultimately Africa up to speed and provide a platform that will mainly be geared towards providing revision material for secondary school students. Focus points: – Building and providing detailed and interactive tutorial material for all secondary school subjects – Providing exam practice tests that students can take in preparation for their final school leaving examinations – Developing an evaluation system to test students’ information retention after each tutorial session – Allowing direct communication between instructors and students incase students ever need additional clarity on whatever the subject matter may be – Integrating a discussion forum for students to network and tackle difficult concepts among themselves.

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