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Lara McIvor

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What problem does your business address?

Jordan notes ‘significant shortcomings in access, participation and quality of current ECED provision’ (MOHE). Investing in children under 6 yrs old is crucial for successful people and societies.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

The Playkit offers teachers games, songs and interactive stories, transforming curricula into high quality, participatory activity resulting in better learning and development for vulnerable children.

The Seenaryo Playkit contains hundreds of classroom games, immersive stories, songs and classroom management techniques in Arabic, English and French – and is applicable to any early years teacher who uses these languages. It was created in response to a needs analysis that Seenaryo carried out in Lebanese and NGO schools in 2017. What Seenaryo – a Jordan-registered arts and education NGO – discovered was an urgent need for accessible tools that would upskill and motivate teachers, especially those teaching early years, often found to be the least-experienced and least well trained. Research indicates that 0-6 are crucial ages in a child’s development, when they are most able to ‘rebuild brain architecture’ (Harvard), allowing them to become successful adults. The Playkit is designed to equip teachers working with refugee and other vulnerable children with the concrete tools they need to provide an education that responds to the emotional and social needs of a child’s development. It does this through a child centred, inclusive and participatory approach. To date we have provided over 400 teachers across Jordan and Lebanon with Playkit training, which involves 3 days intensive training, a follow-up training day 6 weeks later and access to the Playkit resources. In October 2019 the Playkit will be launched as a mobile app and alongside training teachers will have access to the app on their phones and tablets.

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