Fredrick Moyo

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What problem does your business address?

African cultural cuisines are uncelebrated, unmarketed and unexplored. They remain the least internationalized. Westernization of the African diet is also a threat, some dishes are facing extinction.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

Isong is a product we have dedicated to the promotion of African cuisines. Isong showcases local dishes and provides information that helps users in exploring and learning about cultural cuisines.

Notwithstanding that Africa has a rich diversity of tasty and unique dishes, African cuisines remain uncelebrated, unmarketed and unexplored. Gastronomy tourism remains underdeveloped in Africa and local cuisines remain the least internationalized. In addition, there is a decrease in the use of indigenous food ingredients in Africa, and an increase in consumption of less nutritious highly processed foods, hence the growing prevalence of NCDs. Literature on the cuisines remains nonexistent, and they continue to receive poor media coverage. There is a need for innovative technologies for the preservation, promotion and marketing of local cuisines. That is why we built “Isong”, a product we dedicated to the promotion of local cuisines. Isong showcases African cultural dishes and provides information on recipes, ingredients, history of dishes, nutritional facts and tips. This information is accompanied by a listing of nearby restaurants, food festivals and other gastronomy activities where our users can go to sample dishes. Isong also has features for ticket sales, coupons and customer engagement. Cultural events and food festivals are important modern attractions that are helping to vitalize local culture. However, they have continually demonstrated the need for innovative ways to engage and educate their audience on local culture, as well as in overcoming language barriers. That is why we incorporated into Isong features that assist them in overcoming these barriers.

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