Kagiso Gaolekwe

Country of deployment

Sierra Leone



What problem does your business address?

Sierra Leone`s energy consumption is dominated by biomass, of which 80% of the energy generated for cooking is derived from tradition fuel (firewood and Charcoal), 64% of the total population living in rural provinces lack energy for household activities. The harvesting of this fuel has led to serious environmental degradation, carbon emissions and effects of high rate of unemployment (74%). These practices threaten the health and quality of lives of women and children in particular; rapid urbanization and this will affect the ecological balance and biodiversity of the country.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

This project focuses on how to use cow – dung as a preferred energy source for cooking in rural communities, with its benefits, for example; providing sustainable clean green biogas, production of fertilizers, mitigate high rate of carbon emissions, charcoal production and unemployment rate etc.

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