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Tourism and travel is an ever increasing industry that has actually registered growth in the recent period of recession, around the world. Now that the mobile market is achieving an increasingly highlighted spot in the technological world, apps will be a relevant channel to promote tourism. DiscoverBw app is a new mobile app that caters for tourists and local Small medium enterprises (SME) by promoting tourism services/events, arts, accommodation travel packages, entertainment and teaches them about our history and culture. Users will be able to download the app for free and look for nearby attractions, accommodation, events etc and giving small business a much needed boost. SME’s around Botswana need to address tourists at the very heart of their needs, and that was via mobile. The mobile industry has exploded off the charts and people are using apps every day for all kinds of things like medical, utilities, tools and more. The price for SMEs to advertise and market themselves is pricey and exorbitant. Travelling through Botswana is supposed to be a pleasurable experience. However without access to relevant and accurate information, the experience can be rather troublesome and expensive. We are providing an app which will enable them to market their business. Our main objective is to expand the tourism of Botswana to historical heritage, culture, arts and tourism events for them to participate in one of the events, which will also improve tourism revenues for Botswana. DiscoverBw will enable tourists to book for hotel and buy tickets for events happening around the country through our mobile app. The tourism business operators will be able to advertise their products and services through DiscoverBw app and this is how the mobile app is going to sustain, through e- commerce and digital marketing.

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