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What problem does your business address?

Long distance with NOT easy, available and environment friendly transportation solution inside huge closed areas like universities ,tourist places, sport cities and compounds.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

A dock less bike sharing service to fulfill short distance trips inside universities, tourist and historical places

Darajtee is a dock less bike (anywhere pickup anywhere drop) sharing system solution which offers bike sharing service to fulfill short distance trips. We are committed to providing the user with an easier, healthy, convenient, reliable, and environmentally friendly way to transport by combining advanced idea with IoT. Darajtee aims to solve the last mile problem and provide the best green transportation solution that offers to Students, Tourists and people the freedom they need to navigate their areas Simply, Darajtee consists of: Bike + Smart Lock + APP+ Management System. This project first of its kind in the area and will help to give an image about using of technology in Jordan and Middle East, we started 1st location in the Biggest University in Jordan ” Jordan University of since and Technology ” in Oct 2018 IOT technology . Dock less (Available everywhere inside the target) location. Suitable Design for both Genders (V-Shape). Smart, clean Easy to use and Cheap. Heavy Duty Bikes Health benefits Reduce fuel consumption

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