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What problem does your business address?

Growing vegetables has become more difficult in urban areas due to the lack of space, proliferation of diseases due to pollution and lack of time and resources for controlling the production.

What solution do you bring to this issue?

We plan to practice hydroponic system which increases productivity, with less space and resources, and lower risk by using IoT technology for controlling the growth and resource usage by plants.

BT FutuCulture is a new generation agriculture of vegetables which uses the combination of hydroponic and aquaponic system in order to use less water and other resources than the conventional agriculture. Our solution will use less space and increase the productivity as it will be vertical agriculture in form of ladder or pyramid. The final product is meant to be bio because they will be grown from organic nutrients produced in the following cycle. Chicken and other birds will live above a fish tank feeding them with their waste, on their turn fish waste feed plants.
The whole system will be powered by solar energy. The energy will be in charge powering the pumps whose role is to serve water to the system in cycle. The energy also permits to connect the microcontroller (IoT) which will monitor the growth of plants, the level and quality of water, the plants’ state, etc.
Besides, there is a unit of immediate transformation, packaging and distribution of the final products. Thus, there is a very low risk of lost, and our consumers will get our products with the form they wish: crude products as they came from the farm, or transformed and packaged products. The distribution unit with have a mobile application and a website which will serve both for ordering products and getting information about our process and products.

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