Fadi Oweis

Country of deployment




Amwalcom is an online comparison website to explore and compare between different financial products. i.e. retail banking offers (Loans, Accounts and Credit Cards). This will eventually save users time and effort spent travelling around in person to compare offers and saves them money by getting them the best deal that fits their needs. Amwalcom is the easiest and fastest way for users to find financial offers. Amwalcom also supports banks and other financial institutions reach a target mass market with high conversion rate. And also is in alignment with the national financial inclusion strategy outlined by central bank of Jordan. We offer free online information to end users. Our services will also include free online tools such as loans calculator where users can calculate expected monthly payments. In addition users can filter their search results based on their individual circumstances and compare between offers side to side. We are an un-biased platform with no affiliation with any of the service providers’ available on the platform.

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