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A fresh and authentic approach to empower moms over their parenting decisions, to help them take care of themselves, to connect them, to inspire them, and all that will reflect directly on raising a better generation in the future: more compassionate, more educated, and smarter. We do that through: 1- Live videos: Experts discuss different topics live on social media, and users can directly ask questions. 2- Videos: Short tips about important topics, to educate moms and families in a simple easy way. In addition to moms sharing their inspiring stories. 3- Articles: articles about all up to date topics related to motherhood and parenting. In addition to moms sharing their inspiring stories. Users can interact with authors (experts and moms) 4- Q&A: A platform to get moms to ask their questions directly to our experts. 5- On ground workshops: Conducted by our team of experts.

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