Manzer Partazer

Julia Venn

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Manzer Partazer is the first food sharing initiative of the Indian Ocean. Our aim is to reduce food waste by simply sharing it and connecting surplus food to people. How it works: Currently the project exists in Mauritius and Madagascar where we ‘save’ food which would otherwise go to waste, such as buffet leftovers of hotels or restaurants, close to expiry date products of supermarkets & suppliers or bread from bakeries, by connecting it to nearby partner organizations such as orphanages struggling to buy food. Today the project is based on a zero cots food sharing approach which builds its strength on making the most of the existing resources while keeping in mind food safety requirements. The limits of our zero-costs system are that we are 1) financial dependent 2) not automated in process which limits our productivity and growth 3) not flexible in transport hours and therefore we are limited in 4) food surplus types, food donors and receivers. The solution is an application. As a collaborative platform this application will allow a direct communication between everyone who has food to share (donate or sell) and everyone who would like to get this food (as donation or by buying it) as well as everyone who would like to transport food in order to earn solidarity points which can be rewarded into orange money or food vouchers. The application will therefore extend the possibilities of who shares, what gets shared, how it gets transported and who receives food and in which manner (free or paid). This will allow Manzer Partazer to auto-finance its social and environmental mission by creating revenue through a fee for every transaction, advertisement on the application and a margin from the reprocessing groups using food waste to turn food surplus into new products. Our vision is that through the achieved digitalization and financial autonomy the project will becomes an easy spreadable project enabling to fight food waste national, regional and then globally.

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