Gabriel S.A. Zargo

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LifeChore is an “employment incubator”. It is an entity that simultaneously develops and grows medium to large employment opportunities. Its singular most tool for running an “employment incubator” model are the raw ideas that are transformed into great employment opportunities. This idea is meant to counter the attending consequences associated with unemployment, like the socioeconomic challenges. LifeChore realizes that not everyone may be farsighted in fetching profit potential data from human’s daily transactions and harnessing information projected from those transactions into well developed commercial ventures. So, it intends to save its customers the worries by conceptualizing profit prone data into commercial models and parceling those models for public consumption. It intends to invent intangible employment products. These are creative and innovative models that can be used by unemployed people with desires to start profitable ventures. LifeChore also intends to run an online referral service for the hospitality and tourism industries. The utmost objective of LifeChore is to create employments through multifaceted approaches. LifeChore currently creates medium to large employment opportunities through homecare services provided to preoccupied people at homes and workplaces. We currently operate within the hospitality industries.

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