John Zaki

Country of deployment




Egypt is one of the top 10 countries in the world suffering death rates from road accidents. With 9+ million vehicles on the roads and 67% of these vehicles are older than 5 years, there is roughly 300K vehicles breakdown on the roads every year. This is a scary figure specially that there is a lack of a country wide umbrella to cover roadside assistance service even with the known police numbers! This results people stranded on the roads for hours before receiving any service, if any! In addition, those stranded people are at risk of theft and accidents. Such issues are forming a prolonged drastic social problem affecting the lifestyle of the citizens as well as adding another dimension to traffic issues faced by Egypt. Therefore, we have established ENKAAZ (meaning rescue in English) which is a roadside assistance company based on shared economy model and mobile technology to solve prolonged social issues in the field of roadside assistance. This is done through providing an on-demand service to the stranded customers on the road by connecting them to available service providers resulting in various gains to all parties involved.

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