Tumisang Mokalake

Country of deployment




E-Taxi is a mobile payment system that is going to revolutionize, ease and formalize the public transport system in Africa. It discards the use of cash in taxis, tuk tuks, combis and the like. Users of public transport will have a prepaid card instead that they swipe on the e-taxi machine per trip. This will ensure safety as the e-taxi machine takes into account the capacity of the vehicle and will not accept anymore payments or passengers beyond the limit. It also eases the responsibility of keeping accurate financial records and planning on the operators of the vehicles as it keeps track of all money that has come in and out of the accounts linked to the associated e-taxi machine. In addition to that, for countries where the public transport operators aren’t exempt from tax or zero rated, it assists the tax authorities and the operators when filing tax returns. The e-taxi prepaid card will be easily accessible from different retailers and vendors, and top up points to load cash into the card will be easily accessible as well. Every card will be linked to a registered verified user, which will also help to curb the rising levels of theft that occurs in public transport as every passenger will be easily identified should such incidents occur.

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