1st prize

Country of deployment




MedTrucks has been created to support patients and health actors through the deployment of mobile care units in the Morocco medical deserts and in emerging countries. These hyper-connected trucks fully equipped for medical care aim to fight against those medical deserts by providing care at the right time and the right place using –when needed – tele-medicine. MedTrucks is developing as well a bunch of services like real-time cartography and tracking to optimize care service delivery to patients, and a medical online training platform for professionals.



2nd prize

Country of deployment




Nanoé’s ambition is to deploy a new electrification model, called lateral electrification, in order to meet short-term needs of remote network populations. Nanoé works on offering a fast, flexible and affordable access to electricity, while participating in the construction of a power infrastructure of the XXI century – low carbon, decentralized, collaborative and smart. Nanoé’s project is covering as well a huge skills training of the future local operators.



3rd prize

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MaTontine seeks to solve the problem of how to provide financial services like small loans to the poor, based on an old non digital system called Tontine (in French) organizing rotating savings and credit inside a small group of people (colleagues, friends, neighbors…). The innovation is to build a digital platform that automates this whole process and incorporates a credit scoring system in order to facilitate small loans and other financial services like micro-insurance based on the credit score of the group members.


Bulles Magazine

Cultural Prize

Country of deployment

Côte d'Ivoire



Bulles Magazine is a monthly magazine dedicated to children (6-10 years old) and promoting African culture. Available in two versions: digital and paper, Bulles Magazine will be accessible throughout the Francophone world and beyond. The originality of this project lies in the fact that Bulles Magazine will offer to the children the story of kings and queens who ruled the African continent long ago. Each month children will read about African heroes of the past but also contemporary heroes such as the great black inventors. While colored and highly illustrated, it will be a print magazine but also in digital format to facilitate dissemination across Francophone countries. So it will be readable on tablets, PC…


Entrepreneur Club Favourite Project

FoodoGraphy is a food waste management system providing a co-operating platform between food providers such as hotels, restaurants, conference malls… and charities. Foodography aims to allow charities to take surplus clean food from these organizations to redistribute it over poor people registered within these charities. FoodoGraphy website will deliver a directory which will be the reference to all charities to connect to the food providers and organize the logistics aspects.