Orange Digital Ventures

Orange Digital Ventures is dedicated to your start-up’s success and has been the company’s early stage investment vehicle since 2015. We finance entrepreneurs whose ambition is to bring to life the services, technologies and business models that will define tomorrow’s digital operator.

We are based in Paris but our ambitions are global. We invest worldwide, through proactive sourcing and detection strategies. The members of the company’s executive committee are directly involved in Orange Digital Ventures’ steering committee. This allows us to always act in line with the company’s overall strategy and guarantees all the entrepreneurs we partner with to benefit from privileged discussions with our executives.

Success story
In 2015, Orange Digital Ventures invests in Afrostream ( The video-on-demand subscription-based African American, Afro-Caribbean and African films and series service, aims to meet the demand of a public so far neglected by video on demand platforms. The streaming service Afrostream is available on all connected screens in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg, Senegal and Ivory Coast.

Why not you?
We have made sure that Orange hires a team up to the task, with fast processes and agile decision capabilities. We are aware that is not a given in as large a corporation, but we do not want a start-up to have to meet fifteen people before getting an answer. We don’t want it to drown in the machine.
Pierre Louette, Deputy Director General and Chairman of Orange Digital Ventures.

How to apply?
Tell us all about your project on the dedicated form  ( Orange Digital Ventures will reply within 30 days. It’s as simple as that!

Orange Digital Ventures
78 rue Olivier de Serres,
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Orange Digital Ventures