Oasis 500

Oasis 500 is the leading seed investment company and business accelerator in Jordan and the MENA region. We enable great entrepreneurs to transform their viable ideas or existing startups into scalable businesses through our program which includes business and entrepreneurship training, investment, mentorship guidance, business acceleration and additional follow-on funding. In the process, we have become one of the most influential players in advancing the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in Jordan and MENA in general.


It all starts with reaching out to those people with the entrepreneurial drive, compelling them to embrace it and submit their startup ideas to Oasis 500. Successful applicants are invited to attend our intensive Business and Entrepreneurship workshop aimed at building their entrepreneurial capacity and maximizing their potential of securing funding. Those with more mature pitches may go to the investment stage directly and skip the workshop.

Startups that are successful at securing funding from Oasis 500 will be accelerated at our facilities for 100 days where the focus will be on driving growth. Startups will have access to the tremendous cumulative know-how of Oasis 500 staff, and our wonderful network of mentors. Not to mention the vibrant community that will help them come to term with their maturing entrepreneurial identity. They will also be introduced to our investors network as part of our focused efforts to help them get follow-on funding when needed.

Success Stories

How can Oasis 500 help you?
1. Business Workshops: Oasis500 regularly hosts Business Workshop at its headquarters. The workshop covers all business aspects, including business modeling, financials, pitching, facilitation and marketing, among others. This experience is designed to prepare entrepreneurs for the upcoming stages that they will be facing in order to reach their goals, and create a successful startup from their innovative idea. To attend, please apply here: http://www.oasis500.com/application-form/
2. Investment and Acceleration: Entrepreneurs with existing pitches that include a business model, financial projections and strategy may communicate with Oasis500 with an investment request on: info@oasis500.com

Why not you?

Oasis 500 is at the heart of the Middle East’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, & the largest society of startups. Being in Jordan is an opportunity for you to validate, adopt and roll out your startup globally fostered by a robust innovative framework” – Yousef Hamidaddin, CEO Oasis 500

King Hussein Business Park
Building 7
P.O.Box 131
Amman, 11822 , Jordan
Telephone: +962 (6) 5805680
Fax: +962 (6) 5805462
Email: info@oasis500.com

URL: www.oasis500.com