They share their experience: thanks to the entrepreneurs!

The advice you find in Entrepreneur Club is grounded in feedback from entrepreneurs and innovators. High quality contributors provide the content and tools of the site. Among them, organisations such as the law firm Vaughan Avocats, the Bondy-based Afric’innov nonprofit and the impact fund I&P bring their expertise to specific fields such as law or access to financing. Let us also thank the individual entrepreneurs who build the future of Africa and Middle East of tomorrow and who share their experience to help the greater number achieve success.

These entrepreneurs include:
Abdelkader Allam – Optimize
Ameyew Debrah @ameyaw112
Babacar Lo – Cybarc @CYBARC_LPO
Cherif Ndiaye – École au Sénégal @easofficiel
Dadja Bassou – Repty’x Studio @Reptx
Ibuka Ndjoli – Kusoma Group @kusomagroup
Jimmy Kumako – DevEngine Labs @devenginelabs
Kati Obone – Kemetik @queenkaliopa
Kemo Toure – Wutiko @Wutiko
Lydia Likibi – Lyds @LydsDesign
Malick Diouf – LAfricaMobile @LAfricaMobile
Mandi Sarro @missmandii
Mariama Toure – The DanceHall @ThedanceHALLsn
Merouane Boudiab – Algérie Focus @devoirdesavoir
Nancie Nwai @nanciemwai
Sadibou Sow – Inaota @afriqueitnews
Seynabou Thiam –
Silvia Njoki @silvianjoki
Youssou Ndiaye – OuiCarry @OuiCarry