Orange Social Venture Prize news roundup: 20 days left

Congratulations to the hundreds of entrepreneurs who have by now decided to give the Orange Social Venture Prize 2016 a go! Please find below a few news pieces about the contest and its opportunities.

– First of all, kindly remember: there are only twenty days left, till the 21st of September, for you to apply to the Prize and get a shot at winning both cash and support. To apply, use the online form.

– Do you speak Arabic? Head yourself to Marj3 to find an article about the contest. Please also take a look at their short video. If you apply, please do not forget that your business plan must be in either English or French, and that Arabic is not supported at this time.

– Make sure your business plan, your project description and your picture file are good to go before you click on the Validate button in the application form, because there is no edit function for applicants!

– Is your project about spreading culture and building a business in culture with innovative use of technology? One of the novelties of the current edition of the contest is the addition of a special prize for cultural applications.

– Your project needs to overcome two hurdles in order to possibly win a prize. The first hurdle is a rigorous evaluation process, which ends up in the production of only ten finalists. The second hurdle is a meeting by an international jury of well-known entrepreneurship experts, who decide which finalists to pick. However, there is a way to sidestep the first part of the process: the project which gathers the most public votes will win a spot in front of the jury, along with the ten finalists! Stand ready to ask your supporters to show their faith in your ability to use technology for a positive impact in Africa or the Middle East. The voting phase will start after the end of the application phase (21 September).

Do you believe in your project?