Content startups: your Social Venture Prize project is eligible to the special content prize

The Orange Social Venture Prize Africa and Middle East 2018, for the third year in a row, is to award an extra €5,000 to a worthy project of content services (in culture, education, etc.). Every Prize application is also eligible for this award with no additional action required. The Orange Group selects the winner of the Orange Content special prize through a specific process and unveils his or her name at the same time as the three winners of the international Grand Prize.

According to Yann Loridon, Director of Infotainment Products & Services at Orange Content : “The ecosystem of content services in Africa and the Middle East is growing and gaining visibility. With the Orange Content special prize 2018, Orange Group acknowledges this growth and aims to help the development of education and culture in the countries of the zone.

Adja Mariam Mahre Sanogoh won the Orange Content special prize 2016: “This prize helped me beyond the positive media exposure; the coaching I received allowed me to better structure my project.

The winners of the Orange Content special prize
2017 – Génie Edu, Cameroonian start-up providing online courses for troubled students.
2016 – Bulles Magazine, Ivoirian magazine dedicated to the 6-10y old and promoting African culture.

I participate to the Orange Social Venture Prize