Check it out: BIG by Orange Season 3 companies!

Orange Jordan’s startup acceleration program is entering Season Three with six new companies. BIG stands for Business Innovation & Growth and it is up to you, the reader, to check whether the profiles below give you business ideas or ideas of partnerships and other opportunities.

Ask yourself: could you advertise on the platforms of these startups? Could you partner with them for distribution, licensing, improve the marketing of your service, etc. ? Of course, if you are active in Amman, take a look at the BIG by Orange website for further information and contact.

  • 360Moms: An online platform to spread updated parenting knowledge to moms in the Arab world in a fresh, modern, simple, and interactive approach! 360Moms aspires to social change through different areas (parenting approaches, health education, essential needs, special children awareness). Contact: Dina Abdul Majeed
  • The Hivenamix software helps deliver effective strategy models and workshops utilizing a customizable library of frameworks and methods, where you select a framework and build your script to deliver with results. It features information capture, idea evaluation and concept mapping. Possible collaborative solution for digital agencies to add to their portfolio? Contact: Tariq Ibrahim
  • Arabot is an intelligent chatbot. Arabic is its mother language and it is fluent in English as well -it is willing to learn new different skills in no time! Arabot is built upon a state of the art Arabic NLP engine, which deals with understanding and analyzing Arabic content & conversation – with different Arabic dialects- in an accurate and efficient way. The company is building a conversation/dialogue management as a hybrid rule based system fused with Deep Machine Learning to reach needed levels of Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Now you know who to get in touch with if you need a robot to engage your customers in need! Contact: Abdallah Faza
  • The 3oun app helps you reach service providers from within or outside your home. It helps you with emergencies and everyday needs: fixing the car after a traffic accident, hiring a company to move your furniture, a technician to supply and install a water tanker or to repair your satellite…
    3oun app gives you access to a list of services from where you can find the closest provider available: it allows you to see the city map indicating the providers’ locations so you can choose the nearest and the more suitable for your need. User reviews help ensure a high level standard. Contact: Sari Hweitat
  • The SitatByoot social business economically empowers sit-at-home women in the Arab world. It assists home-based businesses run by women and also helps individual women to build their capabilities for better employment in the marketplace. In home-based businesses, SitatByoot focuses on training members to perform best practices in the creative industry -primarily handicrafts. Contact: Nada Hanieh
  • Skylark-Jordan-CO-DE teaches entrepreneurship skills to 3rd up to 8th Grade School Students (Arab Pioneers). It develops creative productivity and uses technology to help students achieve excellence in all fields of life. Contact: Sahar Wahbeh