What is the best project pitch of the Orange Social Venture Prize? You vote!

Each business plan provided for the Orange Social Venture Prize is carefully studied and evaluated by multiple readers, following a rigorous and confidential process. The ten projects that make it to the final phase, in front of the jury, do not achieve that feat by a string of luck but because multiple trusted individuals thought that they were worth it.
However, a brilliant project might avoid detection. When a business project convinces a large number of people to demonstrate their support, one needs to pay attention.
The project with the more votes by the end of the voting phase (10 October) wins a seat in front of the jury and a real shot at winning one of the cash prizes.
Voting is a simple matter: on the candidates page, pick the project(s) of your choice and click on the voting button on the project page. You will then receive an email which includes a link. Your vote will be taken into account once you will have clicked on the link.
Let’s prop up the best projects of the Orange Social Venture Prize, 2016 edition!