The national winners of the Orange Social Venture Prize 2019

(Drumbeats…) The national winners of the Orange Social Venture Prize 2019 are…

1st prize: Kitso Books
2nd prize: Sejwalo App
3rd prize: MoreLife+

Burkina Faso
1st prize: TickFlash
2nd prize: Blood-Alert
3rd prize: AlphaTabletti

1st prize: CLINIC PLANT
2nd prize: Chaque souffle compte
3rd prize: CAMEROON GCE Guide App
Women’s prize: MY GAZ

Côte d’Ivoire
1st prize: Biosave
2nd prize: Baloon
3rd prize: Tutoo+
Women’s prize: Legal Acts

1st prize: Plastale
2nd prize: Tajdeed
3rd prize: DUCO

1st prize: Orisha
2nd prize:
3rd prize: GALAXY Hub
Women’s prize:

1st prize: UBUNTU 2S

1st prize: Khoyoot
2nd prize: Darb / Solar panels Automated cleaning solution
3rd prize: Darajtee

1st prize: JPL: Transforming ‘Waste’
2nd prize: Payless Cloth Pad
3rd prize: Eco-Fuel – The waste of charcoal
Women’s prize: Payless Cloth Pad

1st prize: SARTBONTECH
2nd prize: SAFE
3rd prize: FLIT RIDE

1st prize: Denko Kunafoni
2nd prize: Ko-Santé+
3rd prize: ekeneya

1st prize: I-Terra
2nd prize: SaveLife
3rd prize: BlueBinet
Women’s prize: Ciwa

Central African Republic
1st prize: Centre d’Eveil Numérique Junior
2nd prize: Gboukou na Maboko

Democratic Republic of the Congo
1st prize: E – Butshafu
2nd prize: Sango na SMS ou carnet de vaccination éléctronique
3rd prize: Beauty App

1st prize: Senvitale
2nd prize: Sunu Mbay
3rd prize: 20sur20-EdTech

Sierra Leone
1st prize: Envitech
2nd prize: Agro Fish Farm Ltd
3rd prize: E Net (Edutainment Network)

1st prize: Think-it Labs
2nd prize: El Marchi
3rd prize: AVCare


The qualified winners (1st to 3rd prize) advance to the next step of the contest:
we invite everybody to vote starting on Monday 23 September till Sunday 29 September at 11:59PM GMT; the project with the most votes will be included in the pool of projects that the Grand Prix jury will look at;
– this jury will pick three international winners, which will be announced at the AfricaCom ceremony on 12 Novembre 2019.