Last few days before the end of the votes

The Orange Social Venture Prize, Africa & Middle East 2019 voting phase is not a done deal. A few days are all you need to give your project the audience it deserves through communication actions.

– The deadline is Monday 1 July in the evening, just before midnight (GMT). The days are few but their potential is great!

– Congratulations to the project leaders who manage to muster the strength of their community. Communication at this stage helps the visibility of both the project and of the brand way beyond this contest.

– Reminder: an individual can only vote once a day for a given project. (He or she can vote for multiple projects each day, on the other hand.) We purge the votes that do not conform to this rule on a regular basis. Moreover, after the end of the votes, like each year, we check the results and adjust the scores. Cheaters beware, the “friends” who use unorthodox ways to augment the scores are hurting the projects they mean to help.

– Some users of the voting platform report experiencing issues with the SMS with the validation code: they do not receive the SMS in a timely delay. When the phone number is a valid one, the explanation of this issue lies somewhere in the delivery process, up to the final phone operator. There is absolutely no favouritism regarding the phone company the Entrepreneur Club user is using.

– Support projects that will make a difference, for good !

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