Oko, Isahit and Anemiapp win the Orange Social Venture Prize Middle East & Africa 2018

Orange announced on Wednesday 14 November the winners if the final stage of its social entrepreneurship competition. The ceremony was hosted with the AfricaCom Awards in Cape Town (South Africa). The winning projects were selected after careful and argumented consideration by a top level jury of experts of business ventures and information and communication technologies:

Oko (Mali), 1st prize (25,000€)
This startup strives to bring economic security to peasants in remote territories. It allows them to access micro-insurance services based on the use of satellites.

Isahit (Côte d’Ivoire), 2nd prize (15,000€)
This venture recruits young women to do small digital tasks and puts them on the way to economic autonomy and entrepreneurship.

Anemiapp (DR Congo), 3rd prize (10,000€)
This application deals with the scourge of sickle-cell disease (anemia), helping sick persons to access better healthcare.

Furthermore, the Orange Content division has awarded an innovative content project:
DigiClass (Burkina Faso), Special Orange Content Prize (5,000€)
This web and mobile platform enables students to prepare their exams with access to educational resources.

As Entrepreneur Club regulars know well, the users of the site have also granted their support to a project of their choice, which automatically qualified for the international final:
X-resolu (DR Congo), User Favourite project
This site and mobile app provide access to a trove of content (tests, answers) from previous years, the best to help students in need of material to prepare for the exams.

The ten Grand Prize finalists will all enjoy priority support for six months from the Bond’innov incubator and Orange experts.

More than 1,300 candidates submitted entries this year, displaying immense amounts of energy and intelligence to find innovative solutions to very real social issues.

Would-be entrepreneurs and young business founders now have a few months to prepare the 2019 edition of the contest. To be followed on Entrepreneur Club!