National finales of the contest!

The national phase of the Orange Social Venture Prize Africa & Middle East 2018 is about to conclude. In each participating country, the members of the national evaluation committee select the finalists, ten on average. Then, a national jury, drawn from a variery of backgrounds, gather to study the projects. Project owners usually get a chance to pitch their project directly in front of the jury. In the end, the jury delivers three winners.

National managers of the contest get in touch with all finalists and give them the information required to prepare for a pitch session.
We will know the identity of the three winners from each country on or after 13 September 2018. The full list of the winners will be available on Entrepreneur Club. Later, the international phase of the contest will start, including a public vote.

Jury meetings/ceremonies schedule
Botswana: awards ceremony 12 September
Burkina Faso: awards ceremony 7 September; finalists; winners
Cameroun: pitch session 5 September, jury meeting 11 September; finalists; winners
Centrafrican Republic: winners
Côte d’Ivoire: pitch session 13 September in the morning, awards ceremony in the afternoon; winners
Egypt: awards ceremony 6 September; winners
Guinea: pitch session 12 September; winners
Guinea-Bissau: jury meeting 17 September; winner
Jordan: jury meeting 24 August, awards ceremony 16 September; winners
Liberia: jury meeting and awards ceremony 11 September; winners
Madagascar: pitch session 5 September, awards ceremony 13 September; winners
Mali: pitch session 10 September; winners
Morocco: finalists workshop 3 and 4 September, awards ceremony  in the Technoparc of Casablanca 7 September; winners
Niger: awards ceremony 11 / 12 September; winners
Democratic Republic of the Congo: jury meeting 29 August, awards ceremony 13 September; winners
Senegal: pitch session 11 September, awards ceremony at the Dakar Digital Show (December); winners
Tunisia: jury meeting and awards ceremony 6 September; winners

Published: 11 September 2018. Last updated: 20 September 2018.