The national winners of the Orange Social Venture Prize 2017 now compete for the Grand Prize

The most innovative social entrepreneurship projects have won the national competitions of the Orange Social Venture Prize 2017. Entrepreneur Club guests can now vote online for their favourite project. The recipient of the most public votes at the closure of the phase on 3 October 2017 will directly access the final jury meeting, regardless of the result of the internal evaluations which aim to select ten finalists.

You can access the project pages to vote from the candidates’ page. You can vote every day for multiple projects, but no more than once a day for a given project.

Please find below the list of the candidates that make it to the Orange Social Venture Prize Africa and the Middle East 2017. All of them won their respective national competitions and deserve our sincere congratulations.

Botswana: MMILO – Studacad – BDCB
Burkina Faso: MyStudentWeek – Voltatic – Kobenga
Cameroon: Traveler – Caysti – Farmadwiz
Côte d’Ivoire: Educas – Solarpak – Pass Santé Mousso
Egypt: CanBank – Mada – PassIn
Guinea-Bissau: Bandim Online – IGEM
Guinea Conakry: Mayalanyi – ColisMart – Yenghema
Jordan: Waragami – 360Moms – An Automated Aquaponics Care System Using Digital Smart Tools
Liberia: Changemakers Village – Green cities – As one education
Madagascar: Manzer partazer – Majika – Betaksys system
Mali: Stamp – Nextbus – Gabougouni
Morocco: Warning – Bacfacile – Saneco
Niger – CityTaps – Agrisolutions – Marrainage des femmes enceintes et suivi de l’enfant
Central African Republic – E-vente.dyaka – Wifi5Onaire
Democratic Republic of the Congo: eMart – Booku – SinaInfo
Senegal: OwnLabs – Eyone – ApiAfrique
Tunisia: Fablife – Dammi –

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