Grow Movement coaches the winners of the Orange Social Venture Prizepreneur

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The money, the business opportunities and the enhanced reputation will get you nowhere without the ability to take the right decisions for your business venture. Enjoying sound advice from people with a surplus of experience is very important and allows to dodge first-timer mistakes. 35% of the Entrepreneur Club users who answered the poll deem mentorship and coaching to be the most interesting rewards bestowed to the winners of the Orange Social Venture Prize Africa & Middle East.

The Grow Movement nonprofit association provides to the eleven finalists of this year’s Grand Prize the opportunity to enjoy free coaching. For every entrepreneur, this is the opportunity to get to know more about this NGO. The mission of Grow Movement is “to empower African entrepreneurs with business skills in the least developed countries of the world; increase their profitability and create jobs through knowledge transfer over Skype, phone and email“. To fulfill that purpose, Grow Movement selects experts in various fields (education, e-commerce, healthcare, etc.) and matches them to candidates with relevant needs, which allows those to acquire new skills and to develop their project. The association has been active since 2010 and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to make a positive impact on tens of thousand of people.

Thanks to these partners for sharing their precious knowledge to entrepreneurs!

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