Imagine with Orange

How does it work?

Imagine with Orange is a crowd innovation platform that acts as a springboard for entrepreneurs. IMAGINE brings your local ideas forward, so they can have a global impact. Each quarter Imagine will suggest a theme: i.e.: the connected family, the Internet of things, the smart city, mobile money, etc. In short, expose your ideas on the site. They then go around the world. Hundreds of people comment on, enrich and vote for them! Orange invite the holders of the most popular ideas in Paris (France) for an innovation workshop dedicated to their idea. By sharing your idea, you benefit from Imagine’s international community: over 7,000 users and experts from Orange spread across 50 countries, having shared over 1,300 ideas. If you win, you get to choose between being offered a connected object, or an invitation to travel to Paris for innovation coaching sessions, and the opportunity to uncover your idea’s potential during a dedicated workshop. You can also benefit from sessions at the Orange Fab accelerator, to experience what it feels like to operate in a startup type of professional environment. You can try your concept out at the Explorers Labs from Orange Lab. Finally, your crowdfunding campaign on “KissKissBankBank” may benefit from support and be highlighted on the platform.

Success story: Pengin
Maria Stoica, from Poland, is the manager of “Pengin”: “The Imagine with Orange Innovation workshop was a real accelerator for our project. Because they helped us and shared their knowledge, we were able to focus on what was really important for us.

So why not you?
You too, share your ideas and discover those of the community on Imagine with Orange. Share your ideas, Orange helps you bring them to life!

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