This non-profit organization dedicates a space of over 800 m2 to the companies it incubates.
Its mission is to promote an entrepreneurial culture and reduce the risk of failure for innovative entrepreneurs.

CIPMEN doesn’t only look to host promising start-ups. The incubator also offers them support during their journey.
Besides the incubation services it offers to innovative companies with high potential, CIPMEN assists entrepreneurs in validating their business ideas and offers consulting services (finance, marketing, management, sales). It also provides an environment for networking, during the events it organizes. All in all, CIPMEN will provide you with everything you need to become a successful company in a matter of months. CIPMEN mainly targets entrepreneurs in the ICT, environmental and renewable energy industries.

How to integrate the incubation program?
First, you will need to fill out an application form. You will then go before a selection committee composed of members of the Administration board. A growing waiting list is the result of a much higher demand for CIPMEN’s incubation services than the incubator can deliver.

Success stories
Since CIPMEN is under 2 years of age, it is too early to talk about success stories. Some companies nevertheless do stand out:
– IMPACT COM & MEDIA: an audiovisual production Startup which exited the incubator early, following the success of its first web TV show about the economy in Niger called “Business Challenge”. This success allowed the developer to be retained for YALI 2015 (Young African Leader Initiative).
– ITECHCOM: This startup stood out from launch with its platform called “Saaduwa”, which uses ICT for good governance. It won an international competition organized by OSIWA and an implementation contract with WFP.
– ONE: The first startup in Niger to offer location-based services and mapping as part of a multi-stakeholder win-win partnership.

Why not you?
Entrepreneurship is about passion, sharing, mutual aid, innovation, collaboration, laughter, tears, perseverance .You will find it all in our incubator! We are waiting for you!
Almoktar Allahoury

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