Project Atom

Mustafa bahaaelden

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ATOM is our hope, and our vision, atom is a human sized robot which share the skills that are required in order to save people in dangerous situations but doesn’t share the cost of a human life. What is nobler in the world other than rescuing people lives? Atom will help saving people in so many ways for example. • The ability to disarm an active bomb, atom will be designed and programmed to disarm active bomb remotely by a control center which not only using buttons and camera to control but also real movements simulated by a real person which uses a new technology which is flex and muscle sensors and virtual reality. • Warning podcasting, evacuating area with high speakers by giving right directions for evacuating area due to emergency cases which is controlled autonomously by the robot or by manually by control center. • Lift heavy objects, lifting heavier objects is essential to any rescue robot to save humans that maybe trapped under a brick or to actual carrying of a human fainted in case of emergency. • Fire suppression, is also essentially required in emergency cases like saving people from fire explosives.

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