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Tose is a project that is aimed at uniting the global community to better fight crime. Tose is a Kalanga name which means ‘TOGETHER’,with the help of Kryptech( two way radio service company) we are aimed at merging the old forms of communication with the modern day technology. After realizing that most of the rural dwellers where mostly disadvantaged when it comes to using modern day technology to benefit them,we saw it fit to design an App that can bring people together with great effectiveness. The idea is to empower the neighborhood watch groups by the use of the two way radio services especially in areas where network providers are failing and connect them directly with the use of an App. With crime rates escalating its upon us to fight it UNITED,we are trying to improve people`s standards of living by preserving their valuables and most help preserve life.Crime rates are sky rocketing and even the uncommon crimes have become common in our own backyards. We are hoping to help fight activities such as Human/organ trafficking which have covered our communities with fear….abductions have become common and as long as we are not united to fight it we will continue to lose our loved ones in our own communities. Tose would be able to provide valuable information to the general public,information such as how to better be alert to avoid being victims of these horrible crimes…updates of new scams that criminals use to scam people and also provide statistics of criminal activities that are happening within our surroundings. Crime hinders production and slows down development of both individuals and the country at large… #TOSE is solving issues of sharing sensitive issues via other social media before the proper channels are observed.

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