Tlhopho Voters Awareness Project

Pako Daman

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Tlhopho Voter Awareness Project is a nonpartisan social enterprise that embodies the Tswana tradition of kgotla meetings to create a public consultation platform to address voter awareness issues on: the importance of their participation in the electoral processes either as voters or candidates; the modes of participation; the procedure to become eligible for voting and to actually cast their vote; the ways to assess the poll-worthiness of a candidate. The goal TVAP is to create an environment for free and fair elections, and to encourage in particular, the participation of marginalized groups such as youth, women, the minorities, rural communities and the poor. We work with different stakeholders to provide voters with information on the new Electronic Voting Machine, the electoral process, political parties and their manifestos. Because to educate them prior to the polling day is critical to enable them cast an enlightened and informed vote.

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