David Samuel

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Proposal for inventing a new use of robots in constructions specially in producing rectangular shapes from the wrought iron rods. I am submitting for your review my suggestion for inventing a new automatic machine that produce the shapes used in constructions which made from the wrought iron rods. This report illustrates a solution to the main problem which is using manual workers. Briefly, the fact that depending on human labors in doing some tough and dangerous jobs, such as straightening, bending and cutting different thicknesses of wrought iron rods, is inconvenient because these jobs can cause injuries and deaths. Hence, this proposal recommends initiating this new machine to solve the mentioned problem previously. Beside identifying the problem, this report investigated the suggested solution by focusing on: – Cost – Torques and applied forces Finally, thank you for reviewing my suggestions and data. I hope that this report demonstrates clearly the idea of the improvement. I and my colleagues are looking forward your response.

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