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Rescue is an anti-sexual harassment mobile application and wearable device. It aims to provide safety and security for Egyptian women on the streets at any place and anytime. The application can be activated by either a voice order or a click on the device button. There are two types of service 1- the free service where men and women can signup as rescuers on the app and when a woman is in danger she just activates the app and it automatically sends SOS messages/ request to help to near by subscribers as rescuers within specific distance diameter, the rescuer can navigate to the victim’s location. 2- A premium paid service where the request for help will be sent to the nearest professional security guard, each area will be covered with a certain number of guards. This service will enable women to feel safe and secure, will decrease the sexual assault rates and will help in aborting kidnapping cases as well. The beta version of the mobile app is currently on the play-store, and we’ve developed the device prototype.

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