Ibrahima sory Bah

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Preamble As computer and its related technologies are now such an integral part of everyday life and that it must be and ingredient in educating for participation in present and future society, SIS-CANI is setup to dace lop the ability of young people to effectively use computer. Even though technologies is continuing to develop, yet many workers here in guinea working in a particular field do not have the skills necessary to fully utilize the computer based tools for the field . One of the factors for guinea to occupy the bottom port of the human index ranking is the high illiteracy rate. This concept is not only reflecting formal education but the acquiring of technological skills as well which SIS-CANTI intends to give and produce multiple of skilled labor. Guinea which is therefore referred to as a vegan land in terms of information and technologies yearns or rather seals to get information and technologies applications which can help her and other organizations or businesses sell their goods or services effectively. SIS-CANTI therefore prides itself in providing the standard center for the best information available in the area of technology and it’s for reaching effect. The intention of SIS-CANTI is to develop human resource in its ovon contribution for nation building.

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