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Could you find anyone who’s more driven than a Refugee? Can you imagine how much inspiring the story of a Refugee is? Wouldn’t it be amazing if the entire world was able to help those Entrepreneurial Refugees with such amazing characters to peruse their dreams and come up with great inventions? Around the world there are about 21.3 million refugees, In Jordan there are 630,776 Syrian Refugees which are registered as Refugees in Jordan but the estimated amount of Syrian Refugees in Jordan are about 1.4 million Syrian refugees, and these are only Syrian Refugees (Source UNHCR), what about the others?! It is almost impossible for people like Refugees to follow their passions, start their business or get employed in a job they’d love. For all of that we decided to come up with the idea Profugees, Profugees as a word is made out of two words; Refugees and Projects. We target and meet Entrepreneurial Refugees to record their stories and ideas and post them on our website, we record their stories using 360 degrees cameras to allow users to BE IN the Refugees’ experiences using V.R. technology. Once the user likes the Entrepreneurial Refugee’s story and idea, the user can help in Crowdfunding the Entrepreneurial Refugee’s idea to help to get his/her seed fund and from there we’ll connect the Entrepreneurial Refugee to incubators and investors. We’ll start recording stories and ideas in Jordan then spread around the world and we’re committed to do our best to help the Entrepreneurial Refugees to reach their fullest potential! Later on, we will allow users to become Content Creators and create content out of the Entrepreneurial Refugees such as; Novels, songs, video games and so forth, the user can post his content’s project on our website and can have the option to get Crowdfunded by other users to create those contents. We’ve been working on this project which we call a “Life Calling” for over six months and we’re becoming more driven everyday.

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