Plastic Recycling Project-Monrovia

James Mulbah

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Plastic Recycling project is a project that focuses on recycling plastics waste into useful product. This project recycle waster sachet into Geometry tools for students. Green Cities is the leading social enterprise collecting and cleaning plastic waste for recycling purpose. Our share of the market is 70%. There are others collecting and taking out of the country. Our product is a high quality on the market. This project answer the needs of clean environment and support to better education through plastic waste collection and the production of Geometry Tools from collected plastic waste. James K. Mulbah a youth leader, Environmentalism, and Entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Green Cities Inc.(Liberia First Waste Segregation and Recycling Enterprise) He has received numerous certificates and accolades, among are BA, Certificates, and Post Diplomas. He is a 2014 Mandela Fellow, 2015 Tony Elumelu Fellow, member of the United States Ambassador to Liberia Council of Youth Advisors, and Environmental Adviser to the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia Marie Kpoto is the Accountant of Green Cities Inc. She graduated from the University of Liberia with degree in Accounting. Marie has received training in Financial Management, and Procurement. Abraham Conneh is the Recycling Technician of Green Cities Inc. He is a senior Student at the University of Liberia. Abraham was trained by the Monrovia City Cooperation in Waste Lawrence Saye is the field supervisor. He head collection of waste and recyclables from various communities. In the first 12 months of this project, we will generate $37,600.00 from the sale of Geometry Tools and others plastic waste ( See Business Plan). The social impact of this project is, it is helping to create livelihood opportunity for youths and Geometry tools for students. Environmental, this project is helping to reduce the amount waste going into our landfill.

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