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The issue of provision of free sanitary pads to girls in poor and rural communities has been widely advocated for. Infinite fundraising NGO-type donation initiatives have been tried to address this issue – but I felt that it would be easier to convince people to support this very important cause if we combined it with a service/product they can buy and consume, while indirectly supporting the cause, and Pads TV will do just that! We have teamed up with a Female doctor to launch Pads TV, a low budget internet subscription media streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) service with a difference! All Pads TV subscriptions, as the name clearly signals, and all its revenue streams like advertising will incur a compulsory artificial ‘PADS TAX’ which will go towards an accumulative fund that will then be used to buy pads for girls in poor and rural communities. Pads TV will offer much needed support for young girls in rural communities while churning out IT powered creativity and innovation; now that is as optimum as social-entrepreneurship fused with technology can get! Although feminine-themed, Pads TV will offer diverse content to appeal to both genders and a wider market; with the anchor prime-time shows being a live-streamed in-house produced Talent Show, and a Talk Show. In Launch market Botswana – Batswana are avid followers of South Africa soapies and programs such as Our Perfect Wedding, Date My Family, The Queen, to name but a few. Pads TV, supported by lots of Film and Television graduates from Universities such as Limkokwing and AFDA, will aim to produce exciting local content that will appeal to Batswana, and avail it via its streaming service, as internet penetration, such as the ORANGE/Google partnership in 2016, supplemented by a significant uptake in smartphone adoption, has altered the manner in which consumers watch video content. Although industry giants like Netflix dominate, there still is huge potential for ‘niche local content’ VOD services per country.

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