Myriad Transport Service

Matthias Yeanay

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In Liberia people faced hard time commuting from one place to another because of the lack of technology to facilitate their travel. Introducing Myriad Transport Service.At Myriad we connect riders to drivers through our mobile app, cloud based dispatch system and hotline number and within minutes you get a car at your doorstep . Myriad cars are well equipped with in-car WiFi to grant you internet access while in our cabs,with our mobile app and online booking a person can do their booking and payments online.We also accept mobile money and cash payments in order to provide our riders more convenient way of paying their fares. Instead of screaming while looking for a taxi just run the app and it will turn on a blinking taxi call sign. A taxi will quietly come and pick you up in an elegant style. Myriad Transport Service ” Connecting riders to drivers”.

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