Mobile Exchange

Tata Tange

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Mobile Exchange is an app that allows its user to send money from one mobile money account to another within the same operator and from one mobile money operator to another. For example Orange Money to MTN Mobile Money. The source code of our platform does NOT include any APIs from any Mobile Money Operator. We plan to have a “Special Account” with each mobile money operator that accepts to partner with us. Example: If John has Orange Money and Mary has MTN Mobile Money, and John uses our app to send 50,000frs to Mary, the transactions goes thus: 50,000 FCFA plus transaction fees goes to our Orange Money special account. 50,000 FCFA leaves our MTN special account to Mary’s account. We plan to begin by making money transfers between the following two Mobile Money Operators: MTN Cameroon Mobile Money Orange Cameroon Mobile Money Within the first year of our launching, we plan to partner with all Mobile Money Operators in Africa. We plan to develop and attach an E commerce Marketplace to this platform so that its users will not only be able to send money using the platform, but they will also be able to buy and sell on the platform. This type of company was created when PayPal partnered with E-bay.

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