Malaria Infection Surveillance (MIS)

Okaile Marumo

Country of deployment




MIS is web framework that uses search focused on Internet reports and captures other digital data streams, including Facebook, Twitter and other Internet news reports to Scaling-up the amount of information used so that it yields more powerful and potentially less biased analyses, the search uses machine learning (deep hierarchical learning and convolutionary neural nets) as a novel computational tool to search, extract, analyze, interpret and visualize unstructured data about anything to do with malaria from different sources. The visualization is in the form of graphs to show the trends of malaria infections and heatmaps to show an overview status of different countries, regions, districts and major cities. MIS is able to predict any outbreak before it happens and from the analysis it can also confirm malaria cases based on these internet sources, When the analysis is complete it will use Orange API(SMS and DATA) + GSM technologies to distribute the information to the public that have subscribed to the feeds and relevant authorities and also issue alert in times of an outbreak forecast. Furthermore, there will be an option to just use Orange USSD gateway to request for an update or get statistics at any point in time.

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