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I Heart Gabs City is non profit movement focussed on sustainability, urban brand growing, art, photography, film, education and/within the local community. We have established a popuppark , a public open space transformed to a creative space for passive recreation and gaming/sporting activities, a multi-user platform using sustainable and green materials. Our aim is to promote sustainable living within the urban lifestyle. Imagine if you got to decide what your street looked like. What would you choose to change or create! Think about where you live, work or play. Think of a new way for people to interact with space. We need people from all walks of life who have an eye for creativity and a passion for their community and spaces to think practical and sustainable, lets offer ideas with the most meaningful impact on local communities. The pop-up-parks aims to inspire and empower everyday Motswana to accelerate the uptake of sustainable green living by raising awareness and providing the tools for change by showcasing possibility and pleasure solutions to the ecological and social challenges we face. Pop-up parks are a great way to revitalize areas that have been otherwise forgotten. VISION imagination.social impact.friendly environment #ifspacescouldtalk // ”Its no longer about getting out the hood, its about buying the hood and making it a decent place to live”// D Muhammad

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