Mohamed Adel

Country of deployment




El72oni App. At the first time that we start on this project we consider our target on services that help people. and we make alot of analysis to know what the problem we work on it during that we discovered that is there a problem with people whose make an accident in the roads that they have a big problem while calling an ambulance and till the ambulance reach to them take a time. our application splitting into 2 app one for user and other one for medic.Medic app this app for the ambulance that let the medic choose the department of the Preliminary diagnosis for the patient and the app let the medic know the nearest hospital from the place of the accident and make reservation for this hospital and the hospital will be ready for this patient. other app for the user this app have three feature the first to the nearest hospital from him but cannot make reservation and the other feature will make him know the number of steps you take daily and after that let him know the cal losted and last feature in this app is a services that let user who have a medical problem at any place will know the nearest doctor from him and make call directly with him.

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