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As it is mentioned in Chapter1, the ultimate goal of an e-business is to generate revenue and make a profit, similar to traditional businesses. It is factual that the Internet has improved productivity for almost all the organizations that are using it. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that productivity must be converted to profitability. To achieve profitability as the final goal, different e-businesses or e-commerce sites position themselves in different parts of the value-chain. To generate revenue, an e-business either sells products/services or shortens the link between the suppliers and consumers. Many business-to-business models try to eliminate the middleman by using the Web to deliver products/services directly to their customers. By doing this they may be able to offer cheaper products and better customer service to their customers. The end result would be a differentiation between them and their competitors, increased market share, and increased customer loyalty. Products sold by e-businesses could be either traditional products, such as books and clothing, or digital products, such as songs, computer software, or electronic books.

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